Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did I really just sign up for a Triathlon?!?!

Last Thursday night I went with a friend of mine from work to a Team In Training Meeting. I had heard such great things about Team In Training, which raises money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so I tagged along. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to sign up to participate in one of the events because I have always fought a fear of doing any sort of run or race while managing my diabetes. Nevertheless I went to the meeting. After 20 minutes of chatting with some super nice and encouraging TNT staff and participants, my friend Sara and I found ourselves signing up for the Philly Triathlon this June! I left the meeting feeling both excited and nervous for what I had just gotten myself into. I am thrilled about the opportunity to help such a wonderful cause and be able to meet what I am sure will be some amazing people along the way. I am also excited for both the physical and emotional challenge this will for me since I am not much of a swimmer or biker, and because I will need to manage my sugars very closely while I train and participate in the event. And that is where the nerves come in. I am nervous about low blood sugars and nervous about preparation. I am even nervous about managing potential high blood sugars and how my body will react to the stress and event of the actual race day. A lot about this scares me, but overall I am really excited to begin training and participating in something that helps people so deserving of hope for a better future.

Since last Thursday I have taken some small steps in my triathlon journey including bike shopping and taking my first spin class in years. The spin classes have been a welcome change in my typical workout routine (I feel like I can barely walk afterwards!) and the bike shopping has been a success as well. I found a great bike shop in my area where the staff took LOTS of time explaining to me all different types of bikes and what all I need to get me started. The best part about the bike shopping was that the staff was so supportive and excited for me and my new challenge. It made me even more eager to get fitted and started on the bike.

I know I will have lots more to blog about over the coming weeks and months as re-learn how to ride a bike, begin training, and start fundraising for the event. I am sure parts of it will not be easy and that it will test me both physically and emotionally, but it will be nothing compared to what those fighting Leukemia & Lymphoma go through every day. I look forward to the chance to be a part of something that will really make a significant difference in these inspiring people’s lives. (And I look forward to sharing it with all of you as well!!) Wish me luck!!


  1. Good Luck! I'm very proud of you!

  2. HI Heidi- I'm emily, I have had type 1 diabetes for 18 years, yikes I feel really old. But I am only 30. So I recently signed up for a 15k race. I have done similar things before but not in a long time. Are you on a pump? what are you doing for insulin while you do the triathalon? I am curious because after 3.5 miles with me I hit a really big low. So just wondering what a fellow diabetic is going to be doing. Email me if you can,