Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ok- Here it goes......

So I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while. It started as I began reading blogs about diabetes. As a Type 1 diabetic for coming up on 4 years, I find comfort in reading about how others manage the disease and to know that they feel the same range of emotions that I do as I try to manage this disease everyday.
My sister started a blog a week or so ago and it was the final "sign" that I should just do it. So here I am...playing with templates and fonts and starting a blog. Sure- it seems a little bit self-centered...to have a web page all about me for me to write about my life and thinking that people may actually read it. But lots of people do it and lots of people read them, so I will give it a shot.

Maybe it will be an outlet for me to deal with everyday stress and worry...maybe it will be a way for me to connect with my family and friends....and maybe if I decide to focus on blogging about my diabetes...it will make others with Type 1 Diabetes know that they aren't alone. It will let them know that yes its not always easy and yes its OK to be frustrated at times....but we need to always remember how truly blessed we are to have a condition we do have control over (for the most part) and how lucky we are to have wonderful family and friends to remind us there that there is so so much more to life than our diabetes.

The courage quote on the top of my blog is one of my favorite quotes and ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes it has become a sort of a motto for me. My mom bought me a necklace with the word "courage" on it a few years ago and every time I wear it, it reminds me of not only her never ending support but of this quote. It reminds me that no matter how defeated or down I may feel with my diabetes or anything else going on, tomorrow is another day and the simple act of getting up and trying again tomorrow shows strength and courage. I really believe that all of us in one way or another-whether it is through battling an illness, losing loved one, overcoming adversity, etc. show tremendous resilience and courage everyday.

So we will see where this journey takes me....stay tuned as continue to blog! :)


  1. Hey Heidi - Welcome to the blogosphere, and I'm glad you have the courage to share your voice. I'm looking forward to following your journey. Thanks for the peek inside.

    - Kerri.

  2. Your writing touched me. I remember those early days of your diagnosis well. We had so much learning to do, didn't we? I'm very proud of how far you have come on your journey with this disease.

    Your blog can be a journal for you as well as a way for those who read it to understand you and what type I diabetes is all about. I look forward to checking in to see what you have written.

  3. I love your courage quote (and the necklace). Somedays it really is all you can take away from diabetes. I am also new to the diabetes blogging, but I have found it has helped me in ways that I never even imagined possible. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I have.