Monday, November 1, 2010

The Good Things about Diabetes

There are many good things that Diabetes has brought into my life. I am healthier, more active, and take better care of myself than I ever did before I was diagnosed.  Diabetes has taught me about diet and nutrition, has made me more more aware of what I eat, and I am really good about ensuring I workout regularly.  Diabetes has given me great opportunities to get involved with JDRF and volunteering my time to a worthy cause that I am  passionate about. Diabetes has also made me more grateful for my many blessings in life, including my family, friends, and health.. My diagnosis has also allowed for me to meet many wonderful people. Many I have met through JDRF, others through diabetes related companies, and others simply a friend of a friend somehow affected by Type 1 Diabetes. I met my dear friend Monica a few months after I was diagnosed through my friend Colleen who works at JDRF. When Monica and I were first introduced, we met for coffee a few times with her being a sort of "mentor" for me since I was newly diagnosed and she had been diagnosed years before. Quickly our friendship turned from this to a mutual exchange and sharing of advice, stories, laughter, and tears. Monica and I immediately became close friends and have found so much comfort in having each others support. From pumps and CGMS, break ups and new relationships, high blood sugars and lows- Monica and I have leaned on each other through it all over the years and I deeply cherish our friendship. I will forever be grateful to my diabetes for bringing my Monica into my life and can only hope that everyone who gets dealt the tough hand of Type 1 diabetes can be as lucky as I was and be dealt some good "Monica's" too. I love you Mon!! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Heids, this made me cry! Thank you for this lovely post. I am so thankful for our friendship too. I miss you my dear friend. I am so happy that our blogs our keeping us close. Love you! xo