Thursday, December 30, 2010

Only Reason I'm Glad the Holidays are Over.....

Whenever December 26th comes around, I begin to experience what I call the “holidays-are-over blues”. It is similar to what you feel on a Sunday night when the let down of the end of the weekend sets in and you feel the dread of the upcoming work week. I get like this after the holidays because of all the built up anticipation and because I so much enjoy all of the preparation. (holiday parties, cookie making, shopping, decorating, etc). Despite January through March having a few high points (we are going to Phillies Spring Training this year!!), they are mostly cold and quiet months that lack the excitement brought upon by the holidays.

Something I am looking forward to in these next couple weeks is getting back on track with my diet and exercise. One of the only good things about the holidays being over is that there are so many less temptations for splurging and finding excuses to skip the gym. I can honestly say that I probably eat more cookies, sweets, and carbs between the weeks of Thanksgiving and the New Year than I do in all of the other weeks of the year put together. I do it fully consciously knowing that it may not be the best thing for my diabetes but feeling like I should let myself enjoy and “live it up”. Unfortunately I am often left with crazy sugars in the aftermath, feeling not so hot, and regretting my decision. It is a constant battle between my willpower and the feeling that I deserve to splurge once in a while. (Luckily my insulin is always off to the side waiting to see who wins.) I have been fairly good about keeping up with my exercise over the last few weeks but have eaten more like I did “pre-diabetes” and would like to get back on track. Not only will my sugars be a little bit less erratic, but I know I will feel better too. Of course during the holiday season (and always), I try to do my best with estimating carbs and insulin. But unfortunately more sweets and carbs equates to more insulin and more room for error and more likely a chance that I will end up with a bad low or high blood sugar.

Tonight I will make dessert for a New Years Eve party and it will hopefully be the last “sweet” thing I cook for a while. I will likely lick the bowl and taste how it comes out tonight (and again tomorrow of course) but I can honestly say I am glad to say goodbye to the “season of eating”. January will not have the temptation of egg nog, peanut butter cookies, stuffing, monkey bread, or pumpkin pie- and for that my diabetes and I gladly welcome in the New Year.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. I like your way of being happy cause holidays are over.Very few people think like that as most of the people enjoy holidays.So am I..But I agree with you also after long holidays you want to get back to work and change the routine.
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