Monday, December 27, 2010

Video I Wanted To Share

I found this video on the diabetes blog sixuntilme (a great blog written by a type 1 named Kerri who inspires her readers through great posts on diabetes and motherhood- love her!)

This video reminded me a lot of a blog post I wrote myself a few weeks ago and then decided to take down. (not sure if that is allowed in the blogging world...) My blog post was about things people say when they are not familiar with diabetes- specifically type 1 diabetes. I wrote about some of the comments I have heard over the years, that despite coming from good intentions, still couldnt help but make me "twinge" a bit. After I wrote it and got some feedback from family and friends, I decided it was a bit harsh and I took it down. Although I want my blog to honest and discuss the tough parts of dealing with diabetes, I do not want to make anyone feel bad in the process.

So instead of sharing with all of you my take on the famous things diabetics "love" to hear, I wanted to post this video. It certainly made me laugh and my sister and I even found ourselves quoting our favorite lines and imitating the great computer voices. Enjoy!


  1. This is hilarious! Loved reading the blog posts Heidi - this was more informative than many of the other things I've done to learn more about diabetes. Can't wait to come back to Animas!


  2. ha, this is great, heids. thanks for the education!